Goodbye my sturdy friend . . .

For 11 years my  Subaru Forester has been my every faithful friend . . through rain, sleet and storms and the darkness of night . . transporting me and my beloved dog, Maddie, and a random assortment of antiques and yardsale wonders all over the state and beyond.

Ahhh those trips to the beach, and to the North Carolina and Virginia Mountains and those many trips home to Cincinnati to see my mother for the last time, and to witness my nieces grow and prosper.

You have been so dependable and as you aged you kept on going . . including in these last three months with your “check engine” light on . . you kept on rolling.

It is now time to say goodbye . .  my Subaru Forester  . . I salute you and

I will miss you.

Photos are of Maddie during our many trips and me with my niece Lindsay during 2000, the first year I owned my new car!

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Going Home!

Well I am one lucky girl . . I got to photograph my hometown for a New Year’s Day story for Senior Correspondent.  It was great fun to explore the city of my childhood and what a great way for me to start the New Year!!

May 2011 hold blessings for all of us!!  Click on HERE to see all photos!


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Elizabeth Edwards

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Street Art

Playing Together Nicely

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“whistle a happy tune”


The magic of my neighborhood . . Historic Oakwood . . in Raleigh, N.C. . . the sidewalks glow pink . . . oh my friend Susan will love the magic, but not the color!!  LOL!!

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” . . whistle a happy tune . .”

Well in these times of recession madness and sadness . . I am taking Anne’s  (Anne and the King of Siam/The King and I) advice and am going to visually “whistle a happy tune”   .  .  to help us all get through this era  . .  I am going to contribute photo smiles to soothe the soul!! This was viewed on Person St. in Raleigh, N.C.,

Whistle a Happy Tune

Whistle a Happy Tune

July 15, 2009

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Lost Talent…

For my friends from the News & Observer

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Frank Rich on newspapers

Here is a good article on newspapers.

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Bain Project

bain1A chair sits in the hallway of the old Bain Building, photographed Sunday May 10, 2009, formerly the  Raleigh Waterworks building now being used as a temporary art project.  Photo by Karen Tam

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Newspaper Tower


Tower of newspapers on the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art

–Photos by Karen Tamnewspaperworkart3anespaperworkart2A

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